IOARP appreciates the contribution of our sponsors and exhibitors in terms of adding value to our products and services. IOARP offers various partnership opportunities to our sponsors and exhibitors. We offer a wide range of conferences in different subjects at some of the best European destinations. IOARP also publishes research journals and books in various subjects, and offer products such as digital library, editorial system, blogs, newsletter etc. Our advertisement campaign is targeted at research students and professional from academia and industry across the world. 


What Sponsors and Exhibitors get*


  • Space on the homepage of IOARP website in the sponsorship box 
  • Space on sponsors and exhibitors page on IOARP main website   
  • Space on homepage of relevant product websites
  • Space in IOARP newsletter
  • Inclusion in e-brochures sent out to the researchers 
  • Inclusion in advertisements on third-party websites 
  • Space on print material such as posters and brochures to be sent to universities across the world
  • Space on banners to be displayed during events


Currently Active Sponsorships Opportunities


  • ICCN 2016 - International Conference on Communication and Networks 
  • ICMLE 2016 - International Conference on Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • IDL - IOARP Digital Library 
  • IOARP Blog
  • IOARP Newsletter


Available Options for Sponsors and Exhibitors


  • IOARP conferences
  • IOARP Journals
  • Books published by IOARP
  • IOARP Digital Library - IDL
  • IOARP Editorial Systems - IES
  • IOARP Blog 
  • IOARP Newsletter 


Packages for Sponsors and Exhibitors


  • Gold Package 
  • Silver Package
  • Bronze Package 


* For further information on IOARP packages for sponsors and exhibitors, please contact  


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