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February 2016


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IOARP Newsletter is a monthly publication that aims to keep researchers posted on activities in the organization, provides them with information on products and services, and introduces them to the benefits of publishing with IOARP. IOARP Newsletter provides the subscribers with a great opportunity to keep tabs on the announcements, lucurative offers and lavish discounts on a wide range of IOARP products. 


  • IOARP Launches ICMLE 2016
  • ICCN 2016 Launched
  • Awards and Grants 
  • IOARP Editorial System - IES

IOARP Launches ICMLE 2016

We are delighted to announce that IOARP has launched second edition of ICMLE 2016 - International Conference on Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The conference will be held on 19-21 August, 2016 in London, United Kingdom. Further details including information on lucurative awards, grants and discounts could be found on ICMLE 2016 website at To associate with ICMLE 2016 as an TPC Member, reviewer or a volunteer, please contact   

ICCN 2016 Launched

After a successful conferencein 2015, IOARP has launched the second edition of ICCN 2016 - International Conference on Communication and Networks. The conference will be held on 19-21 August 2016, in London, United Kingdom. Please browse ICCN 2016 website at for further details on the conference. ICCN 2016 offers a wide range of awards, grant and discounts for authors, reviewers and contributors. To associate with ICCN 2016 in any capacity, please contact

Awards and Grants

IOARP Conferences

  • Discounted Author Registration Fee for students and professionals 
  • Discounted Non-Author Participant Registration Fee for students and professionals
  • Author Registration Fee waiver and Achievement Awards for authors of Best Paper and Best Student Paper
  • Presentation and Participation Certificates for authors and participants

IOARP Journals

  • Article Processign Fee waiver and Achievement Award for authors of Best Article in a Journal Issue.  
  • Tech Prize and Achievement Award for authors of Best Article in a Journal Volume. 

Incentives for Reviewers, TPC Chairs and Editors

  • Up to 15% referral discount on Author Registration Fee
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Unlimited access to IOARP pubications. 
For further information, please visit Awards and Grants section on IOARP website or write to us on




IOARP Editorial System - IES

IOARP Editorial System is a comprehensive web based software designed exclusively to manage review process for conferences, journals and books. IES is equipped with professional tools to enable robust and efficient handling of various roles in the editorial process. Supported roles include TPC Chair/Editor-in-Chief, TPC Member/Area Editor/Reviewer, and Author.

If you are interested in using IOARP Editorial System for your conferences , journals and books, please contact our customer support on

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